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Content advisory notice

Film contains some themes relating to death

This film will be playing at the AoDR 2024 Festival between the 5th – 21st January, 2024.

This film was selected at the AoDR 2024 Festival, and was available between the 5th - 21st January, 2024.

Programmer's Notes

What drives a man to accomplish small deeds? What is the fuel to his fire, the impetus that pushes him forward?
Hubbards stars Kevin Ralston as a man on a single-minded quest to find his brother or recover his bones. Unshakeable in his goals, the man shares the progress of his search over the span of four tonally varied episodes, providing a glimpse into the mind of a singularly driven protagonist, and the motivations that keep him going.
Also written and directed by Ralston, Hubbards plays at once like a narrative and a dream. The core idea is simple, but the backstory, characterization, and presentation are never content with easy answers. Though it’s a comedy short, Hubbards contains a deep core, absurd but also revelatory of a deeper, inner truth not as immediately apparent. What drives a man? How does the past inform our current search? How does the present inform our past desires?





United States


4 minutes 47 seconds


Kevin Ralston


Kevin Ralston

Cast & crew

  • Editor: Kevin Ralston
  • Producer: Kevin Ralston
  • Cast: Kevin Ralston, Steven Cohen
  • Directors of Photography: Kevin Ralston, Daniel Fridlich
  • Music/Sound Design: Kevin Ralston
  • Music: The Mini Vandals - Slow Hammers, Sir Cubworth - The Long Voyage to Outer Space, Bobby Richards - June, Reed Mathis - Climbing


An intense dive into the world of one man and his quest. “Hubbards” is the winner of Funniest Film award at the 2021 Short Com International Film Festival (UK), Original Story Award at the Deep Cut Film Festival (Canada), and the Best Comedy award at the NCCC Film & Animation Festival (US).