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The Deathies

Our fan led community version of the Oscars

The Deathies is a community award ceremonies run by the AoDR where members and friends can vote on the year's Academy Award categories as if they were members of that academy! 

In addition, our own special branches create their own category, which can then be voted on by all particpants. 

In addition to the nominees in each categories in the year's Academy Awards, the AoDR consists of 6 branches, each of which create a category and shortlist nominees that go forward to the Deathies ballot.

In 2023, the branches and their categories were:

  • Food & Drink Branch - The Best Food or Drink Scene
  • Animal Lovers Branch - The Best Animal Performance [The Johnny Award]
  • Kino Branch - The Best Kino Film
  • Queer Branch - The Best LGBTQ+ Film [The Queer Palme d’AoDR]
  • Creators Branch - The Best Conversation Piece [The Biggest Cow Award]


Any member of the AoDR can join multiple branches, and be involved in creating the branch categories and shortlist that year. For further information, see the Community branches section of this site, or the individual branch's page.

Why is it called the Deathies?As most voters are participants in the yearly Death Race to watch all Academy Award (Oscars) nominees, our ceremony is commonly referred to as The Deathies after a comment during the very first live ceremony.How can I participate in The Deathies?Anyone is able to vote for The Deathies and linkns are shared on this website, Discord, Reddit, and through other official AoDR social media.It's much more fun being a member of the AoDR which enables you to participate in the shortlisting process of Branches.
The AoDR are keen to be the most open and transparent of organisations, and as such we attempt to publish anonymised voting data for each category.In addition, the full Rules around the AoDR Deathies are available on this website.

2024 Deathies

The 2024 edition of the Deathies

2023 Deathies

Includes the very first tie in Deathies history

2022 Deathies

The 2nd edition, with a very exciting Best Picture ballot that goes right to the wire.

2021 Deathies

The very first ceremony that started everything!