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Suggested by James

Month of sprint: November 2021

This sprint has now expired, so you can no longer claim the 'achievement', however, you can still rate & comment on the films in the sprint and get 'film' points.

It’s very easy to take part in in a Sprint:

  1. Watch one of the listed films;
  2. Tick the associated checkbox of the film on this page;
  3. Go to the film’s page (via the links below) and give the film a rating & comment.
  4. When you have marked all the films as being seen, you’ll appear in the successful earners list below.

Please note that you will only get a “film’ point on the leaderboard if you add a comment to the film.

You can also add comments on this Sprint (ie, your individual ranking of the films, or comments on the film selection) at the bottom of this page.

Films in this sprint

[gamipress_achievement id="5279" title="no" link="no" thumbnail="no" excerpt="no" times_earned="yes" steps="no" toggle="no" earners="yes" layout="top" align="center"]

Comments (4)

  • I was going to rank them, but honestly I had a lot of fun with all of them. Thanks James! <3

  • aaaaaaaaaand done

  • Done

  • These musicals, WTF – Were Tremendous Fun! Thank you James!

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