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Astro’s Movie Quiz 2023 edition

Astro’s Movie Quiz 2023 edition

Astro’s Movie Quiz 2023 edition info

  • Duration

    approx 60-90 minutes

Following on from the thoroughly enjoyable experience that was social answering of difficult questions about films, this quiz will be once again be hosted by Astro (aka Ian, the Managing Director of the AoDR Festival). 

It will take place at 11 pm UTC on Saturday 14th January 2023.

Expect fun and fiendishly difficult questions, and one lucky winner will receive an AoDR Festival T-shirt delivered to them.

You will pick a team to join, and compete in the quiz together with the others in your team. It will be best if you are able to use a mobile device to answer the questions and another device to join the zoom meeting if possible, however, it should all work ok with just a desktop/laptop for both parts (and 2 different windows), and if you really can’t join the meeting, check the link above (when signed in with a Festival pass), and you can follow along, although may miss some of Astro’s witty banter.