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Nuevo Rico

Nuevo Rico

Nuevo Rico info

  • Year


  • Location

    United States

  • Director

    Kristian Mercado

  • Writers

    Kristian Mercado & Juan Arroyo

  • Other cast & crew

    Debora Perez, Kate Chamuris & Angel Manuel Soto - Producers / Jackie Cruz - "Barbie" / Antonio Vizcarrondo - "Vico" / Maitreya Yasuda, Jackie Cruz & Kristian Mercado - Executive Producers / Raymo Ventura - Creative Director

  • Duration

    16 minutes

“A bold venture in creating what I’ve been calling Latinx-Futurism. Speculative fiction has a long history of telling stories about the future yet firmly rooted in the problems facing the present. This animated psychedelic journey explores Puerto Rican identity in a radical new way that tackles the multifaceted status and nature of Puerto Ricans living today. Using boundary pushing visuals and a narrative that examines how systemic capitalism devours all bonds, including familial ones.” Winner of the Grand Jury Award at South by Southwest, as well as winning major awards from International Film Festivals at Los Angeles, Chicago and more, Nuevo Rico is nominated for Best Animated Short.