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Free Men

Free Men

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  • Year


  • Location


  • Director

    Óskar Kristinn Vignisson

  • Writers

    Óskar Kristinn Vignisson & Sune Kofod Maglegaard

  • Other cast & crew

    Søs Thøstessen - Producer / Nicolai Jørgensen - "Daniel" / Anton Hjejle - "Emil" / Søren Malling - "Lars" / Henrik Birch - "Gustav"

  • Duration

    29 minutes

Currently being developed for feature length, Free Men premiered with Official Selection at Cannes Film Festival, later winning at Reykjavik International Film Festival. “I’m interested in people’s livelihood, their work and career. How people run on treadmills to gain prosperity and comfort often without even questioning the status quo. Some are just fighting for survival, others are chasing their dreams while some people just always do what is expected of them. I want to explore individual freedom versus the security of society.” Free Men is nominated for Best Live Action Short.