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Crowded info

  • Year


  • Location


  • Director

    Nathania Rubin

  • Writers

    Nathania Rubin

  • Other cast & crew

    Nathania Rubin - Producer / Max Rubin - "Child"

  • Duration

    6 minutes

“The idea behind Crowded was to produce an animation that would function as a dream. I wanted to allow the drawing to carry and form the narrative, for the story and figures to arise from the drawn marks themselves. This animation is more improvisatory than previous projects. I started with a drawing of a face, androgynous and unformed. The original scaffolded face occupies a sort of primordial space that becomes further and further differentiated as narrative fragments are formed around it.” Winner at Tokyo Short Film Festival and receiving Official Selection from festivals around the world, Crowded is nominated for Best Animated Short.