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The Mirror

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This film is available to stream worldwide.

This film will be playing at the AoDR 2024 Festival between the 5th – 21st January, 2024.

This film was selected at the AoDR 2024 Festival, and was available between the 5th - 21st January, 2024.




United States


13 minutes


Mimi Chakarova

Cast & crew

  • Producer: Delores Thompson
  • Executive Producer: Mark Hart
  • Editor: Lola Noguer
  • Composer: Gavin Templeton
  • Sound: Gavin Templeton


An honest, at times absurd, conversation about being a Black woman in America, "The Mirror" is a short animated film that weaves the personal stories, experiences and reflections of nine Black women talking about their interactions with white people. On the subject of swimming, "Black people have no buoyancy," says one white woman with assurance. "Your people have an inability to master the proper use of the English language," says another. “The Mirror” is a revealing and unapologetic take on what it is like to be a Black woman in America.