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This film is available to stream worldwide.

Content advisory notice

Film contains some themes relating to nudity, sex, homophobia, violence, strong language, eating disorders, and flashing lights.

This film will be playing at the AoDR 2024 Festival between the 5th – 21st January, 2024.

This film was selected at the AoDR 2024 Festival, and was available between the 5th - 21st January, 2024.

Programmer's Notes

The staff of the AoDR Film Festival wanted to highlight this great and intimate feature film. This film explores all of the minutiae of relationships: the little sacrifices, the little jabs, the familiar touches. Add into that the way that people present themselves to the world and how an intrusive abnormal force (like a filmmaker with a camera) alters those perceptions, and brings to light things that might have been ignored otherwise.






76 minutes


Elena Wolff, Julia Windischbauer


Elena Wolff

Cast & crew

  • Producer: Julia Windischbauer
  • Cast: Julia Windischbauer, Elena Wolff


Jasmin and Lee move back to Anif in the countryside of Salzburg, Austria; documentary filmmaker Amira accompanies them and films their relationship, gradually becoming part of a complicated three-way constellation. The feature film debut “PARA:DIES” is a smart docufiction and an outstandingly acted work about queer self-conception and forging of identity in times of obligatory self-expression and self-exploitation.