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Arrest in FlightArrest in Flight

Arrest in Flight

No Georestriction

This film is available to stream worldwide.

This film will be playing at the AoDR 2024 Festival between the 5th – 21st January, 2024.

This film was selected at the AoDR 2024 Festival, and was available between the 5th - 21st January, 2024.

Programmer's Notes

Architecture, interior design and animation meet in this experimental short where we get to explore inert objects that take life through kinetic movement. With a retrofuturistic aesthetic and a truly haunting score that accompanies this magical enthralling trip, this short studies visual movement as a means of transformation.






8 minutes


Adrian Flury


Adrian Flury

Cast & crew

  • Producer: Adrian Flury
  • Musical Composition: Jeroen Visser
  • Choreography: Adrian Flury, Roger Odermatt


This experiment in film sets the stage for a hitherto unseen magical life form. The film focuses on the non-obvious character of movement when transferred to an alien object thus endowed with the life derived from the movement’s true to life source.